Combi Story

Brand Introduction

Combi creates a rich, dreams-filled life culture, and expands every warm communication place to the world. Cherish everyone who is destined and realize their happiness.

“Combination”, which hopes to “cooperate” with a related person, is abbreviated as “Combi”. In 1957, it was renamed to “Combi Co., Ltd.”. Combi adopted a new brand slogan in 2002 and re-decided not only to provide assistance to mothers and babies, but also to extend to all child caregivers. Through the vision, mission, and value of the Combi brand, we can help people get a happy parenting while growing up infant life, and designed with the belief that “Combi wants to be the other hand of child care” to convey “happiness (joy, touch), high taste (quality, trust, exquisiteness)”.

Business Philosophy

“A baby is a family’s dream”

Combi is committed to creating a better environment in order to cultivate this dream, and hopes to become a partner company that assists mothers (everyone involved in child rearing) and babies.

Since its establishment, Combi, which has grown mainly in the baby products business, has extended its business reach from “mothers and babies” to all family members and society, and cultivated the business field to include all health-related products. At present, we are trying to promote this activity to the world, and all “quality”, “brand awareness” and “activity of people and organizations” will be globalized. With the corporate trend of “creating childcare touch and supporting childcare partners” as the main axis, we continue to challenge the most cutting-edge from both hardware and software. We are confident this approach will strengthen the connections with our customers, and help us create more successes together.

Commodity R & D

“Hug” is the power of happiness
Combi’s products concept comes from the idea of ​​”hug”

Raising children is a joy. Combi’s foremost consideration is to create products that enable parents to radiate confidence when they’re with their little darlings. In order to make customers feel at ease using Combi products, we apply the strictest quality management and seek advice from parenting experts, to find ways to let babies feel more love and care, and alleviate mothers’ burdens and truly enjoy parenting.

Combi’s internal safety standards are even stricter than Japan’s national safety standards.

In its R & D and manufacturing, Combi abides by every law and regulation. On top of Japan’s national safety standards, Combi applies its own internal standards regarding materials, usability and many other aspects.