Full Spec Stroller Guide


Are you looking for a stroller for your baby?

Are you curious of what ‘s really important when come to a baby stroller for you and your baby?

Then, let’s check out this Full Specs Stroller Guide

1. Posture Support and excellent seat material

Your baby needs maximum comfort and protection with an ultra-shock and vibration absorbent “EggShock” seat which is well-equipped from head padding and seat cushion.

The Dacco seat also provides extra support for your baby’s back alignment while lying/sitting in the stroller. The shape of the Dacco seat also mimic parent’s cuddling to allow your baby feel secure and calming at all times.

Research shown that stress caused by vibration are 60% higher when a stroller are moving compared to when they are holding by mother at rest.

Hence, baby would appreciate a great vibration absorption padding that maximize the comfort when we are walking around on different ground surface.

2. Easy to switch facing directions in just one touch

A reversible handle to allow forward facing and face to face mode. Having a parent facing your baby on a stroller keeps you and your baby connected and encouraging more interaction between parent & baby, thus your baby feels more secure.

Keeping your baby in a rear-facing mode provides the best support and protection for their little head and body. While your baby still needs extra support on head and neck especially the first few months from birth, it is recommended to keep your baby on rear-facing position for safety purpose. This is to avoid your baby’s head would jerk forward or cause any harm to your baby’s head or neck from any kind of impact or shock incident.

3. Smooth turning and moving

Always look for stroller with comfortable handling from easy reversible switching handles to auto lock rear wheels.

Having a stroller with 4 CAS auto lock mechanism is so much lighter & relaxing to turn the stroller easily and keeping the front wheels 360⁰ swivel with a simple change of handle. More convenient to turn into tight corners, crowded places and in shopping malls.

4. Light weight and easy operate

Lightweight strollers are essential for parents who always need to carry around effortlessly when travelling alone with your baby.

An easy one-touch folding and unfolding the stroller makes parents’ life so much easier even when you are holding your baby with the other hand.

5. High and comfortable seat

Raise your baby above ground-based allergens such as pollen, dust, heat or even exhaust emissions.

A core feature of a High Seat stroller also keeps your baby close to you whenever you need to handle your baby for convenience and reduce back pain issue for some parents.

Strollers with top fabric quality offers great comfort for your baby’s ride. An air-thru fabric cushion provides high ventilation and effectively reduce 5⁰C of apparent temperature, very suitable during summer and keeping your baby at comfortable temperature.

6. Large coverage canopy for uninterrupted sleeps and protection from environment

Your baby’s quality sleeping time is essential for your baby’s development. When selecting a baby stroller, it is recommended to have large canopy with optimal air ventilation.

Combi strollers’ canopy with mesh windows blocks over 99% of ultra-violet ray in sunlight and adjust to ideal darkness with excellent light shielding function for your baby high quality sleep environment and better ventilation as well.

Large canopy control brightness from internal lightings or outdoor sunlight and the surrounding noise to a comfortable sleeping environment and protection for your baby anytime, anywhere during travel.

An outdoor stroller ride with your baby can be so much fun, safer, more comfort and convenient. Combi offers a high range of strollers to serve your different lifestyle needs.

Remember to check out this 6 key values, when you’re choosing a right stroller for your baby.

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