Combi – Made In Japan Just For You!


Get the best of quality, safety, durability, and functionality all in one! All our Japan-produced baby goods are carefully designed for loving mothers to nurture the healthy and happy growth of your precious babies.

Start every day with memorable learning moments with your little ones. Perfect for celebrations and as gifts to loved ones too!

Find out more on how we could help to provide better care for your baby.

Designed for little lips at different stages. Easy handling for little hands with double anti-leakage features.

Fun pastel colours to fill up your baby’s meal times everyday. The stackable tableware set can be stored neatly and save space.

Created to grow your child’s ability in grasping and using chopsticks right with confidence. Made in Japan with the finest natural wood. Available in both left-handed and right-handed variants.

Designed and patented with Tokyo Dental University. Safe for children to learn and have fun brushing teeth on their own, developing a good dental habit.

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