𝗖𝗼𝗺𝗯𝗢 Is Here For You!


Combi Is Here For You!
With over 65 years of experience in baby product manufacturing, research and development, Combi Japan enhances the joy of babycare for you.

Reliable quality for every baby product in our lineup, providing maximum safety, comfort and convenience for the baby and you.

Find out why COMBI is for you:

High Seat keeps your baby closer to you and elevated away from ground heat while protecting your baby from allergens such as dust and exhaust emissions.

Comfort and health of your baby is why you choose COMBI.

Auto 4 swivel wheels by simply changing the handle direction, the stroller rear wheels will be auto lock while the front wheels stay on a 360⁰ swivel mode. You can easily switch from having your baby face to face or your baby facing the world.

So thoughtful that you choose COMBI

Combi EggShock is a Japanese proprietary technology featuring an ultra-shock and vibration absorbent material developed for optimal protection of your baby. Protect your baby’s head and ensure ultimate comfort with minimal shock and vibration impact throughout the journey.

Safety and Comfort is why you choose COMBI.

Sleep Shell minimizes the surrounding brightness and noise to a comfortable level to create the ideal sleeping environment for your baby anytime, anywhere. It allows your baby to fall asleep easily, so that you can enjoy more free time.

Quality sleep for your baby is why you choose COMBI.

One Hand Quick Operation lets you handle the product with ease even while holding the baby. The stroller is light weight to carry, fold and unfold. Changing the car seat position is made all effortless with just one hand.

Friendly operation is why you choose COMBI

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